Read Matthew 24 v 15-35

Have you noticed how dark the world seems to of become? Within the past twelve months our news papers have been filled with stories about terrorists and extremists, who’s beheadings, shootings, stabbings and bombings are so barbaric, people across the world live in fear of them. We read of celebrities who abused their position to such a degree, it’s taken over 30years for people to have the courage to come forward and talk about it. They’ve been filled with how Politicians have lied and cheated for their own gain. We’ve seen failings in ‘the system’ that have revealed how authorities have turned a blind eye to abuse. We live in a time when slavery is at its highest level it’s ever been throughout history, despite it being abolished over 100yrs ago. We see lifestyles and choices that are not of God, not only be accepted by society, but also promoted. These are dark days!

I take hope and encouragement from today’s passage, as Jesus Himself speaks of a time that is coming that will be like none we’ve ever known before. These things we face today haven’t caught God by surprise, He knows the world will turn dark. We do not need to fear, because He is still in control, He is still sovereign, and Jesus will bring an end to these days with His soon return so all these things shall pass away!