Read Luke 22 v 24-38

Everyone wants to be the best. Nobody enters an exam hoping to fail, a race hoping to lose, or an interview hoping to be turned down for the job. No! We want to pass, to win, to be accepted. We strive to be better than everyone else.

The film industry present ‘Oscars’ and ‘Baftas’ to the best actors, directors and movies, the music industry selects the best artists, songs and musicians and awards them with ‘Brits’ and ‘Grammys’, while magazines promote the worlds sexiest girls and the hottest guys with their top 100 lists. The world is all about who’s the greatest, with those at the top being rewarded, and the least being left out and forgotten, striving that one day they might make it to the top.

Jesus turned this on its head. In Luke 9 v 48 He says “for it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest” and now in chapter 22 He tells his disciples that everyone is equal, we are all invited to sit at the table, and yet we should all be serving each other.

In our lives, let’s not get caught up striving to be great and attaining to the worlds standards and scales, that promotes one over another. Instead, remain humble, put others above yourselves and serve those around you. Don’t look to promote yourself and seek reward, but look to lift up others. If God then promotes you to a place of greater influence where you reap reward and recognition, accept that promotion and thank God for it, but remain humble, and continue to serve.