Read John 15 v 1 – 16 v 4

Jesus calls himself several different things throughout his three year ministry. Bread (John 6v35), Light (John 18v12), the Gate (John 10v9), a Shepherd (John 10v11) and the Way (John 14v6) are just a few recorded in the book of John, and in today’s reading, Jesus refers to himself as the Vine.

Jesus isn’t literally a loaf of bread, or a vine tree, he is trying to get his audience to understand spiritual principals by speaking to them on a level they understand. At this time, Jesus was surrounded by people who were vinedressers. They understood how vines grow, and they understood that dead branches are gathered and thrown away into a fire.

Here in England, very few truly understand vines, so if Jesus was to retell this story to us today, I imagine He would say something more like “I am the charger, and you are the iPhone. He who plugs me into them will bear much power, for without me you can do nothing. If anyone does not plug themselves in to me, he will die and not have any use.” He would be using examples that we would understand. Maybe for you He is the petrol, and you are the car?

The example is not the important part, it’s the message that we need to grasp. That without being connected to Jesus, recharged and refreshed by Him, we will not get very far or do very much. We will burn out, wear out, wither and die, or just sit there, fully charged, but going nowhere.

This weekend, take time out to connect with God. Draw from Him life and refreshing, and go into this new week full of His Spirit and full of His power.