Today’s devotion is brought to you by Kim Walker-Smith,
taken from ‘Christmas – The Overflow Devotion’.

Read Luke 2 v 13-14

In Luke 2:13-14, we read what must have been the first worship service for Jesus! I chose to sing “Angels We Have Heard on High” because the song is filled with so much joy and hope. Jesus was born and angels came bursting onto the scene, singing and proclaiming their worship for Him. Every season is a good season to worship Jesus!

The holiday season is a time when many people get more excited about worshiping Jesus, but He wants to capture our hearts in worship all year long. Christmas cannot be the only time we get excited about singing out and proclaiming that Jesus reigns. This year, when you feel that excitement settle on you, hold onto it! Carry it with you into the year and challenge yourself each day to spend time worshipping Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are musical or not, just give your heart to Him in adoration. He is worthy of our worship every single day.

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