Our community outreach project has continued serving the North of Plymouth throughout the year but there have been a few moments that have been particularly memorable and Jen Taylor has written a brief update on some of the ways we have helped improve lives and reveal the love of God.

  • Reach was asked to help a lady decorate her lounge and hallway.  While we were there we found that the children were very limited on bedding so we blessed them with new pillows and quilt covers.
  • A lady with a 10 year old boy had to move due to her circumstances changing, the flat she was moving into had nothing in it so Reach bought her a new fridge/freezer and a cooker.  She was very thankful and overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our team.
  • For another couple we painted their bedroom.  They have two young children but no carpets in the flat so we have organised for them to have carpets fitted in the bedrooms.  The whole family are again so grateful.

Reach cant thank you enough for your donations as without them we couldnt do what we do. Your gifts, prayers and time given to the ministry are making real differences to real people.

So on behalf of everyone we have met this year, Thankyou. Bless you all