This week Wendy Clift shares some thoughts to encourage and empower us to get through the next seven days as she chooses a few songs to help us in our times of worship

Jesus is building His Church.

During the week I read this prayer by a guy called Alain Emerson and I wanted to share it with you today.

Heavenly Father, you are God, our Maker and we are the sheep of your pasture.

Jesus thank-you that you are the Good Shepherd who looks after His sheep, who calls each one by name and leads them.

As an ‘under-shepherd’ to the Great Shepherd, in these difficult and unusual days, I want to be faithful to you and to those you have called me to love and serve. I pray, release and entrust them to your all-powerful and tender care and to the word of your grace.

Cover them in the shadow of your wings
Hide them in the shelter of your mighty strength.

May no evil come near them by day and no terror by night.

Charge your angels to keep watch over them and as you promised encamp yourself around those who fear you.
Holy Spirit would you brood over your people with increasing weight and glory. I ask you to satisfy them in deeper ways than ever before. Draw them with loving kindness to the holiness of your beautiful face. May their ‘isolation’ become the place of deep consecration.

Renew their minds, restore their souls, reorder their priorities, revive their hearts. Kindle and refine the fire of you presence inside them.

And Lord, as a shepherd called to follow your example of laying down my life for the sheep in a season where I can’t do that the way I would like to nor am I familiar with, I recognise I am dying to my own flesh all over again. I choose now to relinquish control, to lay down my ‘fixer’ identity, to repent of my Messiah complex, to crucify my hero-status. I recognise any genuine love I have for the church comes from you in the first place, so as my shadows are exposed in the light of your grace, I fall into your love once again trusting that you will love your people in the ways only you can.

Jesus you are the head of your church and you said you would build it. Do it in these days Lord, for your glory.


(A Pastor’s Prayer for their Flock; Alain Emerson)

We cannot at this time pastorally do as we would ‘normally do’ or ‘be what we would normally be’, but we believe the Good Shepherd is looking after you with His tender care
Today may we fall into His love, and once again we trust our Heavenly Father to love us, His children in the ways that only He can.

We send love to you this morning and want that you remain blessed.

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