Join us as Dan Taylor brings this weeks word, asking what we are holding on to while encouraging us to put our Hope and Trust in Jesus.

Pastor Rob Clift also pays tribute to our dear sister Olive Richards who went to be with Jesus this week.

We know that there is a lot going on in people’s lives right now, and we’re standing beside each and everyone of you, praying and believing for God to move in your situation.

We also know there’s a lot to celebrate and praise God for, so we want to hear your good news stories so that we can compile a short video and celebrate with you, giving God the glory for what He’s done in your life.

Maybe you’ve recieved a healing or been financially blessed. Maybe you’re happy to have worked out how to video call your family or you received a timely word. Maybe you’ve had a fresh revelation of the love of God or witnessed a facet of his character you’ve never seen before; whatever you’re good news is, we want to know!