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Tuesday Night Prayer – 28 July

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All things work together … No matter what your facing, join Wendy tonight at 7.30pm as she encourages us in our prayerlife this week, reminding us that God is the God who answers when we call. Sometimes that answer is instant, sometimes that answer comes after an apparent delay, but He always answers.

Tuesday Night Prayer – 21 July

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Hows Your Faith? This week Wendy Clift asks not only “How are you doing?” but also “How is your faith doing?” as she leads us in our prayerlife this week, exploring what faith means to her. Join us on Tuesday at 7.30pm, be encouraged and build your faith with another Tuesday Night Prayer Message.

Tuesday Night Prayer – 7 July

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As lockdown eases and things start to open up, many of us are left feeling as though we’ve left one shore, but we haven’t yet reached the other. This feeling has reminded Wendy of the disciples crossing the Sea of Gallilee. Join us on Tuesday at 7.30pm as Wendy leads us again in prayer, encouraging […]

Tuesday Night Prayer – 30 June

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Too often the enemy uses lifes circumstances in order to challenge God’s goodness, causing us to question or doubt if God really is a good God. Join us tonight at 7.30pm for our Tuesday Night Prayer as Wendy Clift leads us in our prayerlife this week, reminding us that nothing can seperate us from the […]

Tuesday Night Prayer – 9 June

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This week Wendy asks “Are you keeping the testimony of Gods goodness and God’s kindness in your life?” as she reminds us how powerful your testimony is.

Tuesday Night Prayer – 26 May

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In this current climate, many of us have either lost jobs, our security or our loved ones or we know someone who has. This week Wendy looks at grief, as she recognises that although we’re all facing the same storm, we are not all in the same boat, bringing hope and encouragement to us all […]