On Sunday 4th July there will be a special morning service in Estover as we will be joined by Cornerstone Fellowship, Tavistock Community Church, and Gilead Foundations .

We will meet at 10:30 am for coffee followed by a service from 11:00 – 12:30.

This meeting is part of The Father’s House series of events which we have been a part of since 2015. Tony Fitzgerald will be the guest speaker for the weekends meetings, which also include an evening service on Saturday 3rd November at the King’s in Tavistock and again on Sunday evening 4th November with us at the Worship Centre.



Tony Fitzgerald at Father’s House

Tony Fitzgerald is an Australian who has been in Christian ministry for over 45 years.  After training for the ministry with The Salvation Army, Tony was led with his wife Marilyn to a non-denominational ministry working with street people during the “Jesus People” era.  Involved with the charismatic outpouring of the early 70’s, Tony saw many signs and wonders following his ministry of the Word.

Doors opened around the world, which resulted in Tony and his family moving in the mid 70’s to England.  After working with the leadership team of a mission organization, Tony, along with a team of others, began planting kingdom communities/churches in 1979.  These relationships began to relate together under the banner of Church of the Nations (COTN), and their kingdom influence has now multiplied into around 50 nations.  Tony leads an Apostolic Council that provides servant input into COTN.

Tony’s desire is to see “The Church” return to a lifestyle of value based Christianity, simplifying the wineskins to release believers to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in all arenas of life.

Tony’s ministry inspires people to experience the depth and power of The Holy Spirit as well as understanding the Father heart of God.  His meetings enjoy the presence of The Holy Spirit, where many lives are changed and reconciled with their Heavenly Father.

Tony currently lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Marilyn.

Tony has carried a prophetic ministry for many years which God has used to bring freedom and purpose to many lives and this will play a part in the ministry at Father’s House.



All are welcome to the three meetings with Tony in November. The meetings will take place on:

Saturday 3rd November @ 7.30PM Kings Community Church, Pixon Lane, Tavistock, PL19 9AZ

Sunday 4th November @ 10.30AM and 7.30PM @ The Worship Centre, Plymbridge Road, Estover, Plymouth, PL6 7LF. 



How to get to Kings, Pixon Lane, Tavistock. PL19 9AZ

Follow the A386 to Tavistock. As you enter Tavistock you will pass Lidls and Morrisons on your left. Continue into Tavistock passing a Texaco petrol station on your right.  At the mini-roundabout turn right onto Pixon Lane. Follow the road all the way around and just after you pass under a railway bridge turn right into the car park signposted ‘Kings’.  At the far right hand corner of the car park you will notice the road splits into two driveways – take the left hand driveway, signposted to Kings and Tavistock Squash Club.

Our evening service in Barne Barton will continue as normal at 5pm.


The Father’s House is an initiative of three Devon based ministries working together – Cornerstone Fellowship, Tavistock Community Church, and Gilead Foundations, bringing authentic Christian ministers into the region for a weekend of meetings across Tavistock and Plymouth for the purpose of building up the people of God and extending the Kingdom of God.

For more information please contact Ian Pilkington of Cornerstone Fellowship on 01752 225623 or email info@fathershouse.org.uk