Who we are

Impact is not another church youth program, it’s not a club, and it is certainly not just ‘something to do’.  Impact is a group of friends who just so happen to be young people all with the same end goal, to connect with each other, and to connect with God.

Led by Kat and Dave, we do life together, we celebrate the good times and we help each other through the tough times. We learn who God is, and we learn who we are in Christ.

Jesus said he came “to give life, and life in abundance”, and we at Impact take that literally, living our lives to the full. It gets a bit crazy at times, with some wacky games and awesome adventures, day trips and social events and the occasional sleepover, but we love it.

If you are in year 7 and up we would love you to come join us on a Friday night and see for yourself. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Christian to be part of Impact – and you definitely don’t have to be perfect – just be yourself!  Impact is a place where you will be loved and accepted for who you are, where you’ll find support and safety in the tough times of teenage life, and friends to share the amazing times with. It feels like home. But be careful, we encounter God at Impact, and it might just change your life!

Feet Up Fridays

Friday nights are the main event here at Impact, and it’s certainly everyone’s favourite part of the week. It’s a pretty chilled out atmosphere where pretty much anything goes.

If you want to unwind, sit back, chill out and catch up with your mates, then Impact is the place to do it!  If you want to burn off some excess energy, play some crazy games, throw a few balls at each other and be generally silly, then yes, Impact is the place to be!

Every week is different, and although Kat and Dave oversee the night’s activities, we hand it over to you to decide what we do. It’s your night, it’s your group, it’s your choice!

Towards the end of the evening we gather together for our “God Slot”. An opportunity to learn how God, Church, and the Bible can help us through life and live it to the max.

Why not come join us, and see for yourself? It’s only £1 and if it’s your first time with us, then it’s completely free. So what have you got to lose?

Super Sundays

We believe that being part of the local church is vital to our day to day living. We like to think of it as family, with everyone in Impact being like our brothers and sisters, and those in the church as our extended family. Without their support and care, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

However, we are also very aware that when you hear the word ‘Church’, the first thing you think of isn’t really a place that young people want to go to. Well, we want to change these first impressions!

One Sunday each month we meet at Kat & Dave’s house where we are able to engage in some deep talking, hard-hitting discussions on what the Bible has to say, as well as learning how to pray, worship, and what it really means to be a Christian in today’s society.

It’s our own way of doing church, and we think its pretty cool!

We learn that worship is more than just singing songs, prayer is more than just a religious activity and the Bible really is an amazing book, still relevant today in the 21st Century.