Nathan has been very busy with the new design, and we hope you will like the fresh look of it. In fact it’s time our lives get some fresh look to it don’t you think? Many of us have been busy getting their fitness back since the start of the year with the weekly “Zumba” time we have here at the Worship Centre. When those extra calories start to disappear, we feel a little bit more with it. I came up with a motto for it: “Shake Off to Shape Up”. Emma was not too impressed with it, but hey, my creative mind wants to compensate for my sluggish body fitness. There will always be those who love to dance, and always others who just remain on the fence. They usually come up with every reason why they can’t be part of the dancing group, but inside they know their body needs to shape up.
I can’t see the smirk on your face as you are reading those lines, but I know many of you are wondering whether that dancing thing is much relevant to them. It’s like asking yourself whether flying is relevant to a bird, or swimming is relevant to a fish. You have been made to dance, to express yourself, to use your gifting and to fulfil your destiny. You have been made to live without restriction for the glory of God. Your greatest peace and joy will come, not by accumulating more material stuff, but by fulfilling the assign- ment for which you have been created.

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Freedom In The Spirit

This is the year of Fulfilment, where you will learn to hear the voice of your God, and then to dance to the tune of that voice. His voice will guide you; His voice will make your being shivering and cause faith, strength, hope and compassion to be quickened inside of you. His voice will silence all the lies of the enemy in your head, and the truth of His spoken word will set you completely free. See the picture? Heaven’s melody exists for earth’s liberty! I have seen many kinds of birds singing while locked in their cage.
I can’t really tell you what they were singing about, but I am sure it would go along those lines: “My creator has given me wings because my destiny is to be flying, and fly-ing, and live free!” Oh yes, even if you may feel at times like you are in prison of your circumstances, you are still entitled to keep your song of hope for deliverance fresh in your heart and in your mouth. But do not forget that Jesus has come precisely to destroy the works of the enemy: breakthrough and change are simply what is waiting for you around the corner. His Holy Spirit is here to make sure true freedom happens. You have entrusted God with your life, you are dancing to the sound of His voice, so you have nothing to worry about. This year, watch and see yourself being free from the power of sin, from sickness, depression and emotional wounds.
Because you are learning to dance to the voice of God, those negative things will be shaken off, and your whole being will start to shape up. You will come out of this year with a fresh look indeed. You will be fulfilled!


“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!” 2 Corinthians 3:17.