Read Mark 12 v 1-12

I’m not a builder, but I’ve watched enough ‘Grand Designs’ on TV to know that material selection is one of the most important parts of building a house. The materials you use don’t just effect what the building looks like, but they also effect the value of the house when it’s built, the longevity of the build, the sustainability of it as well as the overall running costs (such as energy bills etc). Material selection is key!

Jesus’ audience hearing these words knew all about this. They also knew that He wasn’t really talking about fictional vinedressers in this story, but was in fact using this parable to show how they had treated God, the prophets, and now His son, Jesus.

They had taken as their own, that which was given them to look after. The materials they had built their lives with were those of self worth and self importance, living as though they were the most important, and that everything evolved around them. They had no respect for God, only what they could get from Him. This parable was to reveal to them that these materials were not sustainable, had no longevity, and would be destroyed, with a new and better way being built using that which was rejected – Jesus.

Building our lives with Jesus as the cornerstone, the main key part to the foundations that without all buildings crumble, is the only way to live. This life really is all about Him, and at the end of the day, all of the glory, all of the power and all the praise, really will be His (Revelation 5), and yet He invites us to be a part of His story. No wonder we can say ‘it is marvellous in our eyes’ (v11)