Today’s devotional is brought to you by Lea Davis

Read John 16 v 5-33

We can all identify ourselves with being a loser. What I mean is that we all have lost keys, passports, bank cards and sometimes, just for a little while, even our kids in the shopping centre. There are no benefits to losing stuff apart from the joy of finding it again. In the last days of His life on Earth, Jesus is telling His disciples that they soon would lose Him, but that loss meant a big gain! You could see it in their face and comments how confused, insecure and fearful they felt, yet Jesus assures them, in a way that only He can, that it’s for the best.

To say the least, Jesus’ assurance to them, and all of us, about the gain of the cross starts with the promise of the Holy Spirit who would come and be a permanent resident in us. That meant He would be always ministering, helping and leading us in such a way that He could never be in human flesh. Our access with the Father would be free, peace in tribulation was a guarantee, and unshakable joy was for grabs. And we see that to be true. Look at the disciples before Jesus left – confused, thick headed, afraid, selfish and self-centered. Look at them after Jesus left, and after the Helper had come. They are wise, surrendered, bold, and giving. Truly, it was to our advantage that Jesus left!

Heavenly Father, let us today understand deeper that Your death brought life to us, and an abundance of it. Let the sorrow of losing You be lost in the fullness of joy that we experience in finding You anew every day.