Today’s devotion is brought to you by Jane Richardson

Read Matthew 27 v 27-44

Wow talk about unconditional love!

His unconditional love is so evidently shown here for all to see.  Jesus really does understand what it is to show real love, even when the world is against Him. Jesus really understands what it feels like to be hated, wrongly accused, beaten, hurt, humiliated and even spat on.  The mocking and humiliation that occurred was so immense; they mocked His identity, they mocked who His Father was, they mocked who He was and they also mocked His calling. We can learn so much from Jesus during this time, as He shows us how we should conduct ourselves in times of hardship, battles and opposition.  Just like Jesus, we must trust God through it all. Jesus knew who He was, He knew His destiny, He knew His authority and He used wisdom. He chose not to speak out, Jesus at this point had every right to speak but He chose to remain silent and conduct Himself correctly for the greater good, He knew the end picture.

We also learn from Jesus on the cross that it’s never too late to ask Him for forgiveness and to accept Him into our lives. In amongst the pain and the torment, the mocking and humiliation, we learn from Luke 23v43 that even on the cross, in hid dying breath the robber asked Jesus to save him.  Jesus then, even here on the cross still shows unconditional love and opens His heart and gladly accepted the robber.

We need to know who we are in Christ and trusting in God walk in our identity in Him.  This will help us and teach us to conduct ourselves in the correct manner throughout our walk, just as these passages teach us Jesus’ example.