Read John 19 v 28-42

It is finished.

I’ve come to realise that these three words are quite possibly the most powerful words in the bible. They speak of fulfilment, completion, accomplishment, victory and triumph. It is because of these three words that we have life, forgiveness, healing, freedom, and righteousness.

Go back a few chapters to the Garden of Gethsemane when Judas arrives with a band of soldiers to arrest Jesus. John 18v4 says “Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to Him” gave himself up to the soldiers to be arrested. We then read of the torture, beatings, humiliation and pain that He went through, all fulfilling scripture and prophesy, to this point where He hangs on the cross, barely a breath left in Him and so ‘Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished’ (John 19v28) takes a drink and cries out “IT IS FINISHED!”

He then bows His head, as one final act of submission to His Fathers will, and commits His spirit to Him. He dies.

This cry “it is finished”, is not one of relief that it’s over, it’s not defeative to suggest He gave up, but the Greek tense suggests that it’s one of irrefutable accomplishment that can never be undone. Up until this point, the enemy would of been hanging on the edge of his seat, waiting with baited breath and excitement to celebrate the death of Gods son. The enemy, up until this point, thought he was on the brink of victory, but then, with these three little words, Jesus takes the victory. He declares He has done everything He set out to do. He declares that He has won. He declares “it is finished”, and no matter what the enemy may whisper in your ear, or shout from the rooftops, the battle is over, the war has been won, Jesus is the victor, and the enemy has been defeated.

Jesus has had the last word. Jesus has declared IT IS FINISHED, and I pray those three powerful triumphant and victorious words over your life today.