When it comes to the journey of life, we all have our own story to tell. Each of us is unique and different in the path we took, but we’ve all arrived at the same place – the foot of the Cross. It’s at this point we make a decision, to continue traveling through life making our own pathway, or to put our trust in Him who died so that we may have life, and life in its fullest.

This is Peter’s story.

My name is Peter Williams and my wife is Lucy. We have 2 girls – Grace who is 7 and Hope who is 5. I grew up in Lancashire and moved down to Devon when I was 21.

I spent many years searching for a meaning to life which led me to study different beliefs and religions. I was anti-church and would spend Sunday in the gym when Lucy – who was born into the Salvation Army – was at church. I even told her never to bring the vicar around and asked her and her friends never to pray for me. But fortunately for me, they did!

I had grown up in a home without a Father and had always felt that something was missing

IRunningt was my passion for running which changed my life. I really wanted Lucy to share this passion and kept asking her to join me. She always declined! One day Lucy struck a deal with me – if she did the half marathon, then I had to join her on an Alpha course that her church were running. I did, and I never looked back! We then continued with a course about Grace by Philip Yancey – that really touched my heart and changed how I viewed God and his love for me. I had grown up in a home without a Father and had always felt that something was missing – now I had found it – Gods love – the Father heart of God! This was a pivotal point in my life, so much so that I knew if we ever had children and I happened to have a daughter – she would have to be called Grace.

Lucy introduced me to the idea of tithing and as a financial advisor I wasn’t keen on giving away that much money.  After praying about this issue we decided to give back to God that which was His in the first place. Since then we have been blessed in many ways. We have never been out of pocket and my business has gone from strength to strength!

I have experienced so many God incidences, not coincidences. I met someone who I could purchase a business from which doubled my business overnight. God has continued to provide and the business has expanded and we moved into the Royal William Yard last year.

We have been blessed in many ways and we have never been out of pocket!