Read Luke 1 v 39-45

Have you ever found yourself hoping and praying for a miracle? Maybe you’re holding on to a promise or a word from God, believing that it will come to pass.  And in that waiting, all around you are others whose prayers are being answered. Others are rejoicing that the thing they’ve been believing for has happened, meanwhile you’re still waiting.

Or what about when your prayer is answered, when your miracle happens, and in the midst of your celebration someone comes along and steals your thunder with an even better miracle, or an even better testimony. Sometimes it can feel as though the wind has been knocked out of your sails, leaving you wondering “when do I get to have my moment?”


Elizabeth had been baron for years, and in her old age she conceived a son – John. This was a miracle, something to celebrate, but then Mary came to visit and told Elizabeth of her miraculous conception!  Instead of disappointment, jealousy or anger that Mary had upstaged her, Elizabeth rejoiced. So too did her unborn babe, leaping in the womb at the news.

There’s no such thing as a better or worse miracle. All that God does deserves to be celebrated, and we need to learn the art of celebration, rejoicing in His works, whether big or small, done to benefit you or others!