Read Matthew 1 v 22-23 and Isaiah 7 v 13-16
Fear is a strange emotion. Most of our fears are learnt behaviour, and often they are illogical and irrational! Take for example one of the most common phobias – a fear of spiders. Seeing one in near proximity can render some people paralysed and screaming, and yet when you rationally think it through, there is very little to be afraid of. Most spiders within the UK are harmless, and even though they may appear big in comparison to others, humans are far bigger and more powerful to either kill or remove the spider, but for those who suffer arachnophobia, the fear is very real.

The fear of falling however, is one of the only fears that is inherently ingrained within us from birth.  It is this ‘fear’ that gives us the natural involuntary reaction to keep our balance when we trip, and keeps us away from the edge of large drops. This fear keeps us safe!

Jesus was given the name ‘Immanuel’, meaning God with us; fulfilling the prophecy spoken in Isaiah. A little background reading surrounding this prophecy reveals that it came in the midst of war and unrest. The people wanted to trust God that all would be OK, but the situation was so great they couldn’t see how they could trust God – all they had was fear.  In response to these fears God promised them a sign – a virgin who would give birth to a son, whose name shall be God with us. God wanted them to know that there was no need to be afraid, because He was there with them in the midst of this trouble.

This same sign is promised to you today.  No matter how great the situation you are facing, no matter how hard it is to trust in God right now, He is with you! He loves you, and His perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4v18)