Read Luke 2 v 8-10

AW Tozer said “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

How we view God defines how we respond to Him. For many, the thought of encountering God face to face worries them. This God that knows all and sees all will know our every failure our every fault. Every most darkest secret and shame. Those things that we dare not tell anyone. And so, coming into the presence of this omnipotent God can only mean one thing – judgment and damnation!

With 400 years between the last pages of Malachi and the start of the New Testament we have no record of God doing or saying anything during that time. Is it any wonder then, when on a quiet night out in the fields of Bethlehem, the shepherds were scared by the brighteness of the angels. The Glory of God shining and radiating around them.
And so, the opening line from these Angels, is ‘Do not be afraid, I bring Good News’

Mary had the same encounter with Gabriel, her first reaction was to fear and the angel’s opening line ‘do not be afraid’ (Luke 1v30)

I believe that God would also come to you today and say, ‘do not be afraid’, because no matter how we may view God, the truth is He is perfect, He is just, and above all He is love.

He comes to you today in love, He comes to you today to love, and he comes to you today to reveal love. Whatever you’ve done, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’re deepest darkest secret or shame, God says, ‘Do not be afraid, I bring Good News!’