Thursday 14 May
~ Lee Beaumont

In a world of such uncertainty, I have never before had to let go and simply trust God as much as I have recently.

You see, I’m a fixer and so when a situation arises I can’t help but try to fix it by doing things in my own strength, even if this means working an 84-hour week just to ensure our finances are ok.

This lockdown has given me time to reflect & re-focus on how I normally deal with everyday situations.  I’ve spent the last 7 weeks at home with no opportunity to work, living on a basic 80% furlough wage.  Previously I would have tried to ‘fix’ the situation by working extra hours but instead I’ve had to trust God completely.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend quality time with my family & time to just let go of the pressures and stresses that I put upon myself through my job.  I’ve also had time to reflect on my journey with Jesus up to this point in my life.  These combined have made life richer than ever before.

I have been challenged recently whilst watching ‘The Chosen’ series.  I was particularly captured by the story of Simon Peter, a man whose story this series has really brought to life for me.

Simon tried to fix situations in his own strength. When there wasn’t enough, he went out and did what he could to provide.  Read his story in Luke 5:1-11.  Simon Peter was so desperate that he went out fishing all night because he knew he needed to catch fish – without fish there was no money to pay his taxes!  All night he caught nothing and eventually gave up and went back to the shore where Jesus was standing.  Jesus then performed a great miracle.  The fisherman caught several boat loads of fish, more than enough to provide.  Simon leapt from his boat and fell at the feet of Jesus pouring out his heart in amazement saying:

“Oh Lord, please leave me, I’m such a sinful man”. Jesus replied “Don’t be afraid! From now on you will be fishing for people!”

Luke 5 v 5 (NLT)

I’ve read this chapter many times in scripture, but the revelation on screen portrayed the beautiful exchange of his salvation.

I saw myself in Simon Peter, trying to fix everything in his own strength.  It wasn’t until he allowed Jesus into his boat and surrendered everything to Him, that the miracle and provision took place.  I’ve been reminded through this story of the many times that I’ve tried all that I could, but nothing seemed to work, then Jesus showed up & changed everything.  He knows even when I don’t!

Simon Peter also reminded me of my own salvation.  The day that I allowed Jesus into my boat, my life.  Jesus exchanged my sinful nature for a life with Him.  He wiped away all my sin & shame and called me to walk with Him.  This is a story that I never want to forget & one that I am reminded of every time I try to do things in my own strength.

I’m also learning that Jesus doesn’t want to change my ‘fixer’ nature.  He wants me to allow Him in, so that we can do it together.  Simon Peter was used many times by Jesus because of his character.  He learnt that he had to work with Jesus rather than on his own.

Just like Simon Peter we need to allow Jesus into our lives & situations. We need to let go & put our trust in Him.  He has called us to walk in partnership with Him on our individual journeys.  Let us also remember the joy of our salvation & allow this to fill us with faith no matter what challenges we face.

Be blessed and remember Jesus loves you & so do I!


We know that there is a lot going on in people’s lives right now, and we’re standing beside each andoand everyone of you, praying and believing for God to move in your situation.

We also know there’s a lot to celebrate and praise God for, so we want to hear your good news stories so that we can compile a short video and celebrate with you, giving God the glory for what He’s done in your life.

Maybe you’ve recieved a healing or been financially blessed. Maybe you’re happy to have worked out how to video call your family or you received a timely word. Maybe you’ve had a fresh revelation of the love of God or witnessed a facet of his character you’ve never seen before; whatever you’re good news is, we want to know!