This week Kathryn Noble shares some thoughts to encourage and empower us to get through the next seven days as she chooses a few songs to help us in our times of worship

In troubled times, feeling fearful, any living thing seems to be drawn back to something it knows to be safe.  Animals run back to their home.  Children run to their parents.  People run to their houses.  Security is something that stabilises our fears.

The Bible is littered with scriptures about God being a place of safety and protection, a refuge and a source of strength and hope amid fear. This shows us that He has already made preparations for us when we face worries and fear.  He knows that we are likely to run to somewhere that feels safe.  His Word is clearly signposting us to Him.  But our perfect Father doesn’t end with just this.  Whilst we are in His arms, leaning on Him, He strengthens us and fills us with hope to take a step outside into life again.

More than this, God didn’t leave us alone in this chaotic world, filled with troubles, hatred, violence and disease.  His Son came to Earth because of our Father’s great love for us.  His death and resurrection gave us the ultimate protection.  So because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  He holds my future.  I’m safe in His arms of protection.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living, just because He lives

Bill & Gloria Gaither 1971

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