Wendy & Rob

Rob and Wendy Clift

Senior Minister

Rev. Rob has a passion to see people connect to God at a deeper level. He has been in full time ministry since May, 1986. He has been working with the vision to impact and influence the community of the North of Plymouth. Wendy is involved in worship, prayer and women’s ministry. Rob is a visionary leader, and he believes that true worship allows believers to be more influential in their community. He also loves reading and watching football. Rob and Wendy have three adult children; Joanne, Sarah and David, and many grandchildren.

Samuel and Emma Nebout

Associate Minister

Since 1996, Rev. Samuel has ministered to youth and other individuals through universities, holiday camps and local churches. His African and French background has shaped and enlarged his understanding regarding the body of Christ and the culture of the kingdom of God. Civil engineer by training, he left it all to serve in full time ministry at NPCC in 2001. He enjoys watching football, basketball and reading. More importantly, he is in love with his wife Emma, who leads Children Church, and crazy about their children Charlie and Lovina. He sincerely believes that there is no limit to what God can do.

Jo & Dan

Daniel & Jo Taylor


Rev. Daniel is a great communicator and you will always feel encouraged after speaking with him. He loves people and he has an overwhelming passion to see people from all kinds of backgrounds experience real freedom. He is mainly involved in leading Barne Barton Community Church, providing vision and teachings. He is married to the lovely Jo who is the church administrator.

This dynamic couple have taken up the challenge to infuse hope, vision and Christian values to the young people of the North of Plymouth. Together they run an informal home group geared for 11-18 year old every Thursday evening, where fun and fellowship has become high on the agenda.

They have a daughter called Rosie.

Kat & Dave

David & Kathryn Noble

Worship Group

David and Kathryn have a very contagious passion for the kingdom of God. They have grown up in North Plymouth Community Church, which makes them very aware of all the challenges that are facing the different generations across the church. Kat, who has been a secondary school teacher for over 15 years, is the worship group leader and David is an elder of the church and is involved with anything media related, from running our Facebook page to dealing with Stilettos Conference website.

They have two little boys called Noah and Henry and a little girl called Imogen.

Kelly & Lee

Lee & Kelly Beaumont

Children's Church

Lee and Kelly are invaluable asset to our church. Lee, a motivational youth speaker who has a great gift for evangelism, knows how to connect to people with his down to earth approach to life. He will challenge anything that tends to keep people in bondage to religion. He is married to Kelly, who has grown up in the church and knows very well what it is to be part of any kind of children or youth group. As a qualified primary school teacher, she understands the psychology of a child. She loves being with children and showing them how valuable they are in the sight of God. She has a unique approach to interacting and having fun with them. She works with an amazing team of people passionate about seeing each child being fulfilled. They have a little girl called Evie. Find out more about Children Church at the Worship Centre here!

Jenny Taylor


Jen is simply passionate about seeing people being touched by the love and the grace of God. You will see her busy helping people to improve their living conditions and bringing hope into their hearts for a better future. Supported by a dedicated team from the church, Jen ensures that Reach caters for individuals and families coming his way. A big part of REACH is the Foodbank program run by Hilary Clift. Jen is great fun to be around. She has a grown-up son called Jack. Find out more about the REACH program here!