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Trudi’s return to Mexico

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Cast your mind back to just before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit and you will remember that our missionary, Trudi Clements, was in Mexico.  You can read her update of what she was upto back in March 2020 HERE.  The pandemic brought Trudi back to Plymouth for 2 years before she was finally able to fly […]

Resurrection Sunday

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  Today, Kathryn shares a special Easter Sunday Worship playlist and devotion. For a week or so now, I‘ve felt a battlecry rise up from within me. It seems fitting on this Easter Sunday, when our calendars remind us that Christ Jesus, our Saviour rose from the dead and won the battle against the enemy, […]

Good Friday

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  Today, Kathryn and Kelly have teamed up to bring you a special Good Friday Worship playlist and devotion. Hallelujah, I’ll live my life in remembrance “Remembrance” © Hillsong Worship, 2017 As I thought about what Good Friday means to me, I found myself singing the song, ‘Remembrance’ by Hillsong.  I want to live my […]