Where are we heading?

Where are we heading?

Let’s Explore the journey of North Plymouth Community Church

North Plymouth Community Church started in an old baptist building in 1984, after months of hard work of refurbishment. We borrowed numerous places of worship for our services while the purchased building, dated 1882, was being made ready for proper use.

Original Building dated 1882
Original Building dated 1882

On the first of December 1984, North Plymouth Community Church was officially opened.

We soon outgrew the building and for a few years we met in the local comprehensive school, as the need for a bigger venue arose. God’s grace upon us allowed us to have the favour of the authorities and the necessary finances to start the work of the new building on our land. In December, 1996, we held an opening ceremony for the new church building which served us for a couple of years until we realised that we needed to think about how to accommodate the growth of the church. So the building received a significant extension in 1999.

Six years later it became evident that God wanted us to think bigger again. We were in need of a far bigger venue and even a sports facility if we were to cater for the vision He gave us. Various prophetic words have confirmed what the Lord has already put in the heart of our senior leader, Rev. Rob Clift. Since then we have known many times of testing come our way because of that word, but God has continually been good and faithful to us. He has miraculously provided the money needed to buy the piece of land behind our building. After battling for two years for planning permission, we were finally granted it in 2009.

So Where Are We Going?

A new building will be erected on the site that we currently meet on. It’s a two storey building with the potential to seat 400 people in the main auditorium upstairs comfortably. The ground floor area will be spacious enough for offices and for the children’s ministry of the Worship Centre.

You can have a sneak peak of what that building will look like from the images below.

rend1ps (1)
An artists impression of the new building

New Building Plans
New Building Plans

We believe God will provide the finances necessary to start and complete the project. We have been able to make everything ready for the new building with regard to drawing and contracting of site work.

Part of the money has already been provided miraculously, and we know the rest will come in God’s perfect timing.

In the meantime, we are not standing still. We are getting things moving, and as of the day of writing the drainage is been put into place. Glory to God!

By the grace of God, we will be able to knock the building down very soon, and go a step further into God’s destiny for the Worship Centre.

God has taken North Plymouth Community Church on quite a ride since its early days, and we are all excited about where He is taking us in the future.

Everything we have received is an answer to prayer. Things that have seemed impossible and unattainable, God has answered in dynamic ways each time we have met problems that seemed impossible and unattainable. Praise be to His name!