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Lent Devotional [day thirty-nine]

by admin

Today’s devotional is brought to you by Pastor Andy Smith Read John 20 v 1-31 An empty tomb, the place of death transformed into a place of life. As the man she thinks is the gardener speaks her name: “Mary,” there is a moment of joyful realisation, death has been conquered, He is alive. For […]

Lent Devotional [day thirty-eight]

by admin

Read John 19 v 28-42 It is finished. I’ve come to realise that these three words are quite possibly the most powerful words in the bible. They speak of fulfilment, completion, accomplishment, victory and triumph. It is because of these three words that we have life, forgiveness, healing, freedom, and righteousness. Go back a few […]

Lent Devotional [day thirty-seven]

by admin

Today’s devotion is brought to you by Kathryn Noble Read John 19 v 16-27 Today, we read John’s account of Jesus crucifixion, particularly focusing upon the inscription Pilate assigned to Him, ‘The King of The Jews’. It is interesting that the high priests pointed out that Jesus had actually said ‘I Am King of the […]

Lent Devotional [day thirty-six]

by admin

Today’s devotion is brought to you by Chris Kembrey Read Luke 23 v 26-49 Often, as I read and re-read passages of scripture, I am amazed and thankful for new insights revealed. In this section my thoughts had been for Christ’s suffering, His journey to the cross and His death, but today I was drawn to His response to the people around Him. […]

Lent Devotional [day thirty-five]

by admin

Today’s devotion is brought to you by Jane Richardson Read Matthew 27 v 27-44 Wow talk about unconditional love! His unconditional love is so evidently shown here for all to see.  Jesus really does understand what it is to show real love, even when the world is against Him. Jesus really understands what it feels […]

Lent Devotional [day thirty-one]

by admin

Today’s devotional is brought to you by Brenda Smith Read John 18 v 1-18 Picture the scene; Judas has led a group of soldiers and officials to the place where he knows Jesus will be, so He can be arrested. They are armed and should easily overpower Jesus and his disciples but as soon as […]

Lent Devotional [day twenty-eight]

by admin

Read John 15 v 1 – 16 v 4 Jesus calls himself several different things throughout his three year ministry. Bread (John 6v35), Light (John 18v12), the Gate (John 10v9), a Shepherd (John 10v11) and the Way (John 14v6) are just a few recorded in the book of John, and in today’s reading, Jesus refers […]

Lent Devotional [day twenty-seven]

by admin

Today’s devotional is brought to you by Lea Davis Read John 16 v 5-33 We can all identify ourselves with being a loser. What I mean is that we all have lost keys, passports, bank cards and sometimes, just for a little while, even our kids in the shopping centre. There are no benefits to […]

Lent Devotional [day twenty-six]

by admin

Read John 14 v 1-31 In Disney’s Lion King, Simba believes he is responsible for his fathers death and runs away from home in shame. The film then shows how he grows into a man (well, a Lion) alongside a Warthog and a Meerkat, living life with the motto ‘Hakuna Matata’ which means ‘No Worries’, […]

Lent Devotional [day twenty-five]

by admin

Today’s devotion is brought to you by Lorraine Abbott Read Matthew 26 v 31-35 Jesus says you will all be offended, stumble and fall away because of Me, but Peter replies “not me”. Jesus then tells him, “this very night you will deny me three times”. Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He […]


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