Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Friday 7th February 2020

I have been settling in well here in Juarez, the adjustment has not been difficult at all.  I know that it’s the power of prayer and the goodness of God that has made this time easy.  Thank you to all those who have prayed for me.

Building a Snowman with my Roommate, Vania

I had a big surprise this week when snow started falling.  My roommate, Vania, has never experienced snow before as she comes from a different part of Mexico, so I had to take her out to build a snowman, which was really fun.

I’ve been busy with language lessons most mornings here, believing that I’ll be fluent in Spanish as fast as I can.

I have had the chance to visit a refugee shelter. The refugees here were mostly from Honduras. The shelter is very cold with no heating and almost all of the refugees were sick with respiratory sicknesses and stomach issues. The team I am with are trying to organise another visit to the shelter, this time taking doctors with them in order to give advice and medicines.

While I was there, I had the honour of joining some of the children for a time of playing games together and a shared breakfast sponsored by a local church.

I have found myself at home in a lovely local church that meets in a converted house.  It is situated in a poor area and reaches out to the community in a practical way with feeding programs.  They’ve invited me to preach on Sunday using an interpreter.

Juarez is surrounded by mountains.  One of the mountains has huge letters written on it that when translated into English says ‘The Bible is the truth, so read it’.  Wow, what a powerful message to broadcast across the neighbourhood!

The Bible is the truth, so read it

I recently had a few days of feeling very unwell with bad cold and ear ache, but through prayer and rest I am recovered.

On Saturday (8th Feb) I am joining with a program that ministers to prostitutes and show them the love of God.

Lots of love to you all. Let’s keep serving the Lord with gladness.