Restoration And Refreshing

In September 2007, Pastor Samuel Nebout recieved a Word from God. Initially thinking it was a message to share in his next sermon, Sam quickly realised that this was in fact a Prophetic Word and held on to it to ponder. Fourteen years later, his wife Emma discovered this note and shared it with Rob & Wendy.

Heading into 2022, Wendy brought the Word to the church and preaching from Sam’s note, shared with us this timely and prophetic word that we believe is God speaking directly to us today. Breaking it down into the three key areas that God is restoring – the Word, Spiritual Joy, and Power.

The three messages that Wendy shared are available to watch here:



Part One : Word

Sunday 12 December 2021 [/one_third]


Part Two : Joy

Sunday 2 January 2022 [/one_third]


Part Three : Power

Sunday 9 January 2022 [/one_third]


We encourage you to watch and listen again to these series of messages. Be encouraged, be excited and look forward in faith as we see God move.


Saturday 1st September 2007

I woke up very early this morning with a word. This word is RESTORATION.  I thought initially that God was giving me another message for Sunday’s sermon, but then as He kept speaking to me, I realised it wasn’t a sermon but a prophetic word…

This is what the Lord said to me:

“I am bringing my people to a time of restoration and refreshing. I am taking them from thirst to satisfaction in Me. I am restoring 3 specific things to them: the Word, the spiritual Joy and the Power.

Where there has been dryness regarding the Word there will be rivers. My people will regain a passion for my Word, they will crave to hear me speaking to them, and they will hear me.  My Word will not be something they will use to satisfy their own interest, desires or curiosity, but rather they will devour it, eat, live and breathe by it.  My Word will become alive in their heart and in their mouth, and they will not fear speaking it out and sowing it wherever they go.

The 2nd thing restored to them is Joy.  There will be a regain of joy and enthusiasm within their heart, a great flavour of joy about them.  This will not necessarily be based on change of circumstances, but rather based on the abundance of grace that will come upon them.  For as they value my word and get fed by it, there is going to be an unprecedented flow of revelations that will make their heart to rejoice and their faces to shine, for they will know that I the Lord am in the midst of them. This is the time of refreshing, a time for the new, the new wine poured as a result of their heart being after Me, humbled by who I am, and denying themselves, their dignity for my deity. There is going to be new revelations of My word as well as new songs and harvest of seed planted into people’s heart. They have asked and they will receive, and their joy will be complete.

Then the 3rd element will be the restoration of My power to them. I am not bringing you back to the time of the first church with its display of power. I am going to make you taste something greater than that.  You will not live anymore by what have been but rather by what will be.  The excitement of what you will experience will increase the expectation of the display of my power.  You will dare stepping out in faith more and more, and you won’t be disappointed, for my word in your mouth will not fail you.  You will be in awe of my power, and your worship will gain greater weight and substance to it.  People will come to revere Me and repent as they see Me in my glory.  My people will be prepared to handle the great work of my Spirit among them.  As my kingdom take 1st place in their heart, and as the greatness of My name become their banner, harvest and healing will become common place, finances will flow both from the “mouth of the fish” and from the favour you will gain from unbelievers.  You will be known for your sound stewardship and the wisdom I will impart you.


Sam Nebout.