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Sunday 13 September

Our Latest Tuesday Night Message

Tuesday 15 September

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This week Wendy Clift shares some thoughts to encourage and empower us to get through the next seven days as she chooses a few songs to help us in our times of worship.



We were made for worship!  We need to protect the song within us.  The enemy would love to steal it and weigh down our hearts with trouble but we should never let a barren or a burdened season steal our song.  Even when the Government is saying we can’t sing in Church we need to find the song that stirs our soul.

Keep singing your songs in the valley and on the mountain top, in the midst of problems when it’s tough and on the mountaintop when life feels good.  In other words, let nothing stop your song, fight for that song – it’s the one your heart wants to sing to your Maker.  Even if your voice is weak and the words are faltering then sing.

Sing a song that lifts praise in the valley and let it magnify your God and King, then He comes in and floods our soul.

‘How great Thou Art’!

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